Innosuisse is the Swiss Innovation Promotion Agency. It is a federal entity under public law with a separate legal personality. Innosuisse’s role is to promote science-based innovation in the interests of industry and society in Switzerland.  Innosuisse provides support in accordance with the subsidiarity principle: it only supports projects if the innovation could not be implemented and market potential would not be tapped into without funding. Innosuisse is an entity under public law with a separate legal identity, which is composed of four expert bodies. The composition and responsibilities of the bodies are set out in the Federal Act on the Swiss Innovation Promotion Agency.


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be-advanced is partly financed by the Bern Economic Development Agency and is an independent and supra-regionally networked source of development impetus. The new innovation promotion agency bolsters the innovativeness and competitiveness of startups and enterprises located in the canton of Bern.



konplan implements the highest technical and methodical expertise to create ideas for successful innovation. Focusing on individual needs, konplan's commitment and enthusiasm achieves high, sustainable added value for customers, partners and employees alike.

konplan systemhaus


Our mission is to advance production technology, making it not only digitally connected, but also even more economical, precise and future-proof. We want to make manufacturing – including its upstream and downstream processes – more efficient. In doing so, we will help build the industrial world of tomorrow. We are the market and technology leader in machine tools and lasers for industrial manufacturing, and are shaping almost every sector with our innovations. 




Over the last 30 years Creaholic has successfully engaged in product innovations, spin-offs and patents in various industries – including the medical sector. Our experts posses diverse skillsets such as mechanical engineering, business modeling and Human Centered Design and we advocate the cross-fertilization of ideas - introducing knowledge from one industry to another.



At maxon, we develop and build electric drives that pack some real power. Our DC motors are leading the industry worldwide. They are used wherever the requirements are high and engineers cannot afford compromises: maxon motors drive NASA's Mars rovers. They are installed in insulin pumps and surgical power tools. You can find them in humanoid robots and in high-precision industrial applications, in tattoo machines, passenger aircraft, camera lenses, race cars, and cardiac pumps.

maxon precision motors


Mediwar has many years of experience with medical technology. As one of the leading outfitters of operating theatres in Switzerland, Mediwar offers medtech solutions that set new standards in quality, functionality and reliability - for the ideal care of patients. Learn more abut Mediwar's comprehensive range of products for the surgical workplace. 



MOTOREX has provided its customers with the very highest-quality products and services for more than 100 years. This top quality and experience make MOTOREX a reliable partner to SMEs and industry, as well as to cyclists and motorcyclists – both professional and amateur. Whether engineers, chemists, technicians, sales experts, service specialists or marketing professionals: all our experts are focused on our customers and their needs. Anyone buying from MOTOREX will be sure to find the perfect product to meet all lubrication requirements from among a wide range of options.



Companies operating in the strictly regulated field of medical technology require the highest levels of quality from their products. Like the medical technology industry, SAQ-QUALICON AG deals with the subject of quality on a daily basis. Located in the heart of Switzerland, on the pulse of medical technology, we offer specialists as well as generalists a comprehensive range of courses in the field of quality management and regulatory requirements.



Dynamic in the market - Walder Wyss is one of the most successful Swiss firms specialising in commercial law. Our clients include national and international companies, public corporations, family businesses, as well as public institutions and private individuals.

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USM Haller's unparalleled innovation, original quality and true style is demonstrated in its broad range of furnishings and accessories. In addition to creating world-class products, USM focuses on building lasting relationships with its customers. USM’s commitment to environmental protection has also been rewarded with the prestigious Greenguard certification for low chemical and particle emissions in manufacturing.



Republic of Fritz Hansen is an exclusive, international design brand whose timeless collection unites world-famous classic and contemporary furniture, lighting and accessories. Fritz Hansen’s work is guided by the philosophy that a single piece of furniture can beautify an entire room or building – and heighten the well-being of the people who inhabit these spaces. Fritz Hansen continues its journey of creating elegant, human interior design essentials that never compromise on comfort, and to strengthen its place in the global design, luxury and lifestyle elite. 

Fritz Hansen


teo Jakob has been creating unique spaces with atmosphere and character since 1950. Our exhibitions provide the inspiration to create your own personal interiors - and our ateliers develop new ideas for individuals who enjoy contemporary, functional and stylish design.

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Freiburgstrasse 3, 3010 Bern, Switzerland | Tel: +41 31 330 97 79

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