You may apply for the Swiss Medtech Award if your company or research institution is active in the field of medical technology, is based in Switzerland, and meets at least one of the following criteria:


  1. Patient benefits generated: candidates have successfully launched new and proprietary medical devices with proven patient benefits.

  2. New health care solutions: candidates have implemented new solutions that deliver measurable cost savings and / or increased efficiency in the field of healthcare.

  3. Pioneering preparatory efforts: candidates have produced pioneering achievements in either

    • new technologies that have been proven to yield improved products for patients;

    • new procedures that deliver competitive advantages and strengthen Switzerland as a workplace.


A substantial share of the provision of services must have been performed within Switzerland. The Swiss Medtech Award can also be awarded to a consortium which has collectively demonstrated the ability to reach extraordinary achievements.


The jury shall decide in cases of uncertainty regarding fulfilment of criteria.

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