Corona Protection Concept

Physical Distancing

  • Stay at home if you feel sick

  • Don’t shake hands, avoid physical contact

  • Participants will be divided into sectors of a maximum of 300 people; seats in the auditorium will be numbered

  • Wearing masks is mandatory in the networking zone and the breakout sessions - it is the only way to guarantee the officially mandated minimum distance of 1.5 m

Hygiene Measures

  • Hand sanitizer and protective face masks will be provided on site

  • Surfaces in shared public areas will be disinfected regularly

  • Washrooms will be cleaned on a regular basis

  • The ventilation systems will ensure a continuous supply of fresh air

  • The networking lunch will not be on a self-serve basis

Contact Tracing

  • Contact details of all attendees will be recorded (surname, first name, home address,

  • email address and mobile phone)

  • Contact details will be safeguarded by the event organiser for 10 days, after which they will be destroyed

  • Guests will be encouraged to download and activate the SwissCovid app

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