Swiss Medtech Award

Nominees 2020

Three companies / institutes were chosen out of 27 application to be nominated for the Swiss Medtech Award 2020. They will each get the chance to present their innovation live on stage during the Swiss Medtech Day. At the end of the day one of them will be crowned winner. 

Aleva Neurotherapeutics – Directional Deep Brain Stimulation 

Aleva uses Swiss-made MEMS technology to significantly improve therapies for neurological disorders

Aleva has developed a life-changing Parkinson’s therapy that has been clinically demonstrated to improve clinical outcomes. Founded at the EPFL, the company developed a MEMS-based brain stimulation electrode. Its initial clinical studies were conducted at the Inselspital in Bern and were reported in leading international journals.

Aleva’s next generation Directional Deep Brain Stimulation System sets a new gold standard for improving patient outcomes in Parkinson's disease. Its patented Directional Deep Brain Stimulation methods decrease the side effects associated with the therapy while improving clinical benefits. The company has received CE-Mark and has now entered the European market. In parallel, Aleva has submitted for FDA clearance and will begin its US study shortly.

With Aleva technology, Neurosurgeons and Neurologists will benefit from faster, more accurate surgeries and decreased follow-up visits, while patients will benefit from an improve quality of life.

Company: Aleva Neurotherapeutics

Foundation: 2008

Headquarter: Lausanne VD

Employees: 20


  • LinkedIn - Grau Kreis

Rheon Medical eyeWatch system in partnership with Coat-X

Revolutionizing the surgical treatment of glaucoma

The eyeWatch system is the world’s first adjustable system for treating glaucoma. It features a non-invasive adjustment mechanism that allows for a simple and accurate control of the intraocular pressure (IOP). 

Working like a faucet, the eyeWatch system is made with a rotatable magnetic disk that selectively compresses a deformable tube. To protect this magnetic disk against body fluid, both ventures worked together to optimize and validate Coat-X’s innovative multilayer coating solution. This magnetic disk can be adjusted to modify the fluidic resistance in the eye and consequently, change the patient’s IOP. Thanks to the eyeWatch Pen, this adjustment can be performed with few simple gestures; non-invasively and in an atraumatic manner at any time peri- and post-operatively.

Clinical data have shown that the clinical benefits of the eyeWatch system are numerous: diminution of complications such as hypotony and corneal damages, or reduction in medication.

Patient’s IOP can now be managed more safely and effectively, preserving what is the most essential, their sight.

Company: Rheon Medical & Coat-X

Foundation: 2011 & 2016

Headquarter: Lausanne VD & La Chaux-de-Fonds NE



  • LinkedIn - Grau Kreis
  • LinkedIn - Grau Kreis

VirtaMed LaparoS™

LaparoS™ is the next generation in laparoscopic training, adding General Surgery to the portfolio of specialties simulated by Zurich-based VirtaMed.​

VirtaMed is the world leader in medical training using mixed reality simulators for minimally invasive diagnostic and therapeutic interventions in orthopedics, urology, ob/gyn and general surgery. Combining virtual reality graphics with original instruments and anatomic models for realistic tactile feedback, VirtaMed partners with medical societies, medical device companies and teaching institutions around the world.

LaparoS™ synthesizes decades of experience in evidence-based laparoscopic simulation, adding VirtaMed’s expertise in creating medical training equipment with the latest advances in virtual reality graphics and haptic interfaces. By focusing on providing motivational competency-based training, LaparoS™ opens the door to a new era of surgical simulation.

Launched in the current pandemic, VirtaMed first brought the LaparoS™ to university hospitals across Switzerland, with residents improving their skills in expert-led workshops using Swiss-built technology.

Company: VirtaMed

Foundation: 2007

Headquarter: Schlieren ZH

Employees: 110


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