Breakout Session 1

MDR/IVDR: Collaboration and Alliance Opportunities

The implementation of new regulations such as MDR will impact Medical Devices manufactures on various levels and will also affect many processes; not only for manufacturers, but also for authorized representatives, importers, distributors and suppliers. In this session, we address possible pooling opportunities amongst industry partners and discuss anticipated pain points - starting at the executive level of your company, startup, or spinoff.

Take home message:
Collaboration and relationship management have practical effects in daily business but are also bring legal considerations with them. The participants share and benefit from experiences and advice regarding difficulties from across the industry.

The Panel:

  • Beat Lechmann, DePuy Synthes
  • Hansjoerg Riedwyl, ISS AG
  • Julia Steckeler, MedicalMountains AG
  • Peter Studer, Swiss Medtech
  • Daniel Zimmerli, Walder Wyss AG
    Project Pooling across the industry with IP and anti-trust considerations.

Breakout Session 2

Innovation Support for Startups and SMEs in Switzerland

This breakout session gives an overview and a closer examination of the following key topics:

  • Strength and Weaknesses of the Swiss support ecosystem
  • Regional support systems – pros and cons
  • Financing support: what investors think
  • Industrialization: from idea to scalable product

Take home message:
Participants will obtain a broad understanding of the Swiss support landscape. Following the keynote lecture describing the national system, topics such as financing and industrialization will be specifically addressed.

The Panel:

  • Hans-Joachim Diedenhofen, Kudos Futura Partners
    What is a good investor?
  • Urs Guggenbühl, be-advanced AG
    Regional Incubators – pro and contra
  • Ruedi Gygax, Independent
    Thoughts about the Swiss national startup ecosystem, its offerings, strengths and weaknesses
  • Stephan Wehrli, Zühlke Ventures AG
    Industrialisation from the perspective of an investor
  • Heiko Visarius, VISARTIS Healthcare GmbH

Breakout Session 3

How Swiss Medtech Companies Can Take Advantage of Social Media

Social Media is still perceived as a waste of time by some medtech industry C-Level executives. Numbers, however, clearly show the significant impact of Social Media networks on business worldwide. In this session, we will examine the opportunities and risks of participating - or not participating – in such digital ecosystems. We will learn from the success and failure of others and why, in their experience, social media is more than “just marketing”.

Take home message:
Learn to achieve more with less, as well as how to use Social Media Networks to the advantage of your medtech company.

The Panel:

  • Alex Hatebur, Medical Insights AG
  • Jean-Michel Locarnini, knecon AG
  • Philipp Tholen, AVA AG
  • Andy Tonazzi, konplan systemhaus ag

Breakout Session 4

Current Research Trends in Medical Technology and Biomaterials

In this session, leading experts will report on recent trends and developments in academic research that show strong potential to significantly influence patient care in the near future. The talks will focus on the prospects offered by active implants, diagnostic sensors and novel biomaterials; for example to create new treatment approaches with increasing therapeutic efficiency, specificity and precision, while reducing invasiveness and costs at the same time.

Take home message:
Participants will gain an overview of cutting edge directions in academic research and the expectations regarding their influence on future patient care.

The Panel:

  • David Eglin, AO Foundation
  • Stephen Ferguson, ETH Zurich 
  • Diego Ghezzi, CNP|EPFL
    Organic neuroprosthetics for vision restoration
  • Martin Proenca, CSEM SA
    Towards non-invasive monitoring of pulmonary artery pressure
  • Markus Rottmar, Empa
    An advanced in vitro osseointegration model for implant surface development
  • Erik Schkommodau, FHNW

Breakout Session 5

How can we utilize the benefits of digitalization in our value chain and still comply with regulatory requirements of the industry?

For many companies digitalisation is the new password for innovation. In particular, utilising digital elements to transform a «conservative» into a «forward-looking» business model is a key success factor. It is conceivable that digitalisation could help maintain a competitive market position and optimise the value chain at the same time. Ideally, digitalisation offers benefits for both companies, and their customers. But how can we ensure compliance with all industry and regulatory requirements when we transform the business model?

Take home message:
A basic understanding of the needs and expectations regarding digitization for a wide range of stakeholders within the life science industry.

The Panel:

Breakout Session 6

GOING GLOBAL - It’s a jungle out there

This breakout session is targeted for small-to-medium medtech companies who’d like to learn from colleagues and other industries, be inspired by different concepts, debate alternative approaches, and learn about the decision criteria and associated challenges of entering into new markets.

Take home message:
Learn from entrepreneurs and their experiences in order to take the right decisions.

The Panel: